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What we offer


We offer various unique and effective waste solutions. We are able to separate any communal waste by automatic or semi-automatic technologies. We recycle the valuable parts as well as produce electricity from the organic waste which cannot be recycled. From various types of waste, we can produce diesel and electrical energy. With our experience, technologies and equipment, you will get the best and easiest solutions for your waste problems, lowering production costs and making your projects profitable.



We have long lasting experience with various innovative technologies and methods for communal waste treatment, diesel and electricity production, energy crops and their use, such as:


- Depolymerization
Waste solutions

Communal waste

Metal, biomass, PET, PP, paper - we are able to separate communal wastes, to recycle the valuable parts and to produce diesel or electricity.

Organic waste

Waste from olive presses, wood, saw dust, agricultural waste, chicken manure - these and even more organic waste can be turned into energy, so it is a valuable feedstock.

Steam waste

S2E Steam Microturbine is your ultimate solution to reach two targets by one intelligent machine: creating energy from waste steam sources and reduce carbon emissions.


The offered technology systems are produced mostly by our group, some of the technology parts are outsourced from the best available suppliers. We provide simply controllable machines which are capable to process all the feedstock with high precision and in a cost effective manner. The abbreviations like BFCC, CPU, S2E or TCC represent not only average technical solutions in the alternative energy and environmental protection technologies but these are the ultimate solutions for you to reach higher efficiency and perfect operation by a sophisticated equipment.

Project development

With massive experience in project development, both our technical and economic advisory groups are at your service to provide for you the most optimal project solutions. We participate in planning, financing, constructing, commissioning and often managing the built projects. Your investment will be in experienced hands.

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