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The following machinery is the ultimate technical solution to valuable oil products, waste bunker oils and oil sludges.




The basic goal of the novel blowing decomposition process is the separation of liquids and solids from the original waste material by mechanical and thermal degradation of the binding forces with simultaneous cracking of heavier hydrocarbons and inhibition of coke formation. The technology is proven for the recycling of waste materials with waste mineral oils, oil sludge, lubricant oils and bilge oils.






















The basic principle of the regeneration process is a hot whirling bed formed by solid particles, e.g. hot sand, in a special device – the reactor. The separation of liquid components in the course of treatment of waste, oil and contaminants happens simultaneously with the cracking of hydrocarbons to an economically attractive product occurs.


The process results in physical and chemical changes, the consequence of which is (besides almost 100% hydrocarbon recovery) also the change also in quality of the obtained oil in comparison to original organic substances entering the process. At the same time an effective decomposition of the substances forming the original waste material follows whereby a clean high quality oil without contaminants is obtained and waste water and solid fragments (in case they were present).



The chemical process, as well as the physical treatment of the reaction products is computerised.


Final product: Bunker oils. The technology is commercialized, reference plant can be visited. Capacity is 4000 t/year and upwards. Due to the modular design increase of capacity is simple.


Innovative aspects


The chemical reactor pursuant to this invention essentially stands for novelty in the technical field of chemical reactors for cracking and separation processes.


Environmental aspects: wastes recycled, wastes recovered, reduction of air pollution. Almost 100% recovery of hydrocarbons from wastes containing petroleum substances. 


Challenge for heavy oil


The petroleum industry is currently faced with a great dilemma worldwide: the production of heavy petroleum is higher, compared to that of light petroleum. Heavy crude oil is a thick, black, gooey fluid, harder to handle and more expensive to refine in order to produce the most valuable petroleum products.


For further information on Application of Foxoil on Heavy oil click here.





  • Effective, almost 100% recovery of hydrocarbons from wastes containing petroleum substances such as waste mineral oils, refinery sludges and sediments, sludge oil exploitation and transport, tar sludges


  • Extraction of hydrocarbons from alternative sources such as oil and tar sands, natural bitumens, crude oil with a high sand content.


  • Simple and effective elimination of wastes containing PCB and other troublesome persistent organic substances.


  • Flexibility to waste composition and treatment of wastes, raw material resources within a single working stage independently of a contamination level or composition of an incoming stream.


  • Lack of coke residues formation in the device


  • Low specific power consumption or high energetic effectiveness in comparison to other technologies.


  • Ecological operation without formation of dangerous wastes and gaseous emissions – sulphur and nitrogen oxides.


  • Compact unit with a comparatively simple technological device demanding little footprint


  • Quick return on investment  






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