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Energy efficiency, energy optimization is a daily challenge in all industries. For the sectors, where steam is used we have a unique solution, the S2E Steam Microturbine family.


S2E Steam Microturbine is your ultimate solution to reach two targets by one intelligent machine: creating energy from waste steam sources and reduce carbon emissions. Our S2E steam microturbine is designed and capable to produce up to 650 kW
electricity and can work in continuous mode of 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The S2E microturbine is producing electricity from previously not utilized waste steam flows or as a
“rotating reducer”.


These turbines:


  • have no blades, but bristles,

  • are working also in wet steam conditions,

  • are not sensitive to steam quality and quantity fluctuations,

  • can be used as: rotating reducers, or as backpressure turbines at flash steam; or prime movers to move ventilation, pumps, etc.,

  • have a substantially lower maintenance cost than traditional turbines.


The most common use of the microturbines is position of the rotating reducer: we by-pass the existing pressure reduction valves and while the microturbine reduces the pressure to the needed level, it makes simultaneously electricity.


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