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One of our main activities is projecting and engineering of plants, their management, training and feedstock planning.


Customers Training: Every customer is offered the opportunity to send his future staff to the production facilities in Lucenec, Slovakia for training; additionally, during the commencement of production at the customer’s site, qualified BDT technicians are on hand to guide and give practical instruction to the trainees.


General Knowledge Database: BDT maintains a continually updated knowledge database for all biodiesel related information as an additional service to their customers. Including general information to help in pre-project considerations, principal project planning as well as a wide variety of production and product relevant information.


Engineering Consultation: BDT consults with the buyer for the development of plans, making calculations and building of infrastructure such as; tanks, pipes, compressors, generator, office rooms, pumps etc. BDT coordinates facility development with a professional project engineering company experienced in planning biodiesel project preparation in order to facilitate hand over to local general contractors of the customers choosing.


Chemical Consultation: BDT provides consultation for planning, designing, assembling and operation of a testing laboratory for biodiesel, including training of the new facility personnel by experienced BDT educators. BDT offers a set of preassembled lab test kits for the most common biodiesel production parameters; including training for plant chemists. After sales consultancy is also maintained.


How to manage a Biodiesel Production Plant: As we have gained extensive and real life experience in supporting our customers during their operations in the biodiesel production business, we can offer a well defined support package of how to run a biodiesel production plant from the business perspective.


Financial Consultation: BDT assists where possible with the signing of financing, and/or leasing agreements with banks and other financial institutions in Austria for the purchase of BDT (and partners') equipment. In addition, BDT can support the customer with obtaining government grants, and special funding where applicable (E.g. CO2).


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