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Compact Production Unit

Our modular compact units are working with dry wash system and produce biodiesel with EN 14214 and also ASTM D6751 standards. It is a modular system, the expansion can be easily completed by adding one container after the other.

The quality of the CPUs is proven by several customers who after using one CPU have ordered more units later.


The biodiesel processing untis are fixed in a 20ft ISO container frame to save place and secure easy transport. The processors are working in continuous mode in a closed loop system. These units represent real multifeedstock processing characteristics. This means that any vegetable oil and animal fat can be used one after the other, without stopping the production.


Biodiesel production equipment:


CPU 300 (1.000 liters/day)

CPU 3000 and 3000F (3.000 tons/year)

CPU 6000 (6.000 tons/year)

CPU 8000 (8.000 tons/year)

CPU 25000 (25.000 tons/year)



  • We have a partner in Argentina which under BDT licence produces equipment for the South American market.

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