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Producing biodiesel


Biodiesel is  a renewable fuel for diesel engines. Made from agricultural co-products and by-products such as soybean oil, other natural oils, and greases, it is an advanced and well tested biofuel.  Biodiesel can be used in any blend with petroleum diesel fuel.


Are you planning a biodiesel production? We have different solutions for you!


Biodiesel Technologies is active with biodiesel since MORE THEN twenty years. With our own production site and own developed technology, we are forerunners in this kind of activities.


We can produce biodiesel from any virgin oil, used cooking oil and also acid oils by our modular compact units. We are also prepared to make business plans and calculations, including the equipment as well as consultations in planting energy crops like jatropha curcas, cynara cardunculus, toboil, moringa. We work together with oil press producers to be able to offer a complete project from crop to biodiesel. We are producing different equipment to treat used cooking oils and oils with high FFA’s.

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