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Biodiesel Technologies


Biodiesel Technologies (BDT) has its own production company in Lucenec (Slovakia). The company is offering several innovative technologies to produce alternative energies from all kinds of waste, like communal waste, used cooking oils, plastic waste, biomass and also from special energy plants. The equipments are all environmental friendly and modular.


BDT has more than 20 years experience and has sold more than 50 biodiesel processors in several countries. We cooperate with numerous companies to be able to give a complete package for alternative energy projects. BDT has also a production outlet in Argentina (SAVINI INDUSTRIAS SA) to produce equipment for the South America market.


The management has long years of experience in project development. We communicate in German, English, Spanish, Slovak, Czech, Russian, French, Italian and Hungarian. We provide solutions for alternative energy projects and we assist to overcome your waste problems.


Our services include, but are not
limited to:

-    consulting and solving waste problems

-    customers training, general knowledge    


-    planning and projecting of waste solutions and

     plants, engineering consultations, chemical


-    financial consultations

-    providing equipment for recycling various types

     of waste


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